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May Updates

So very happy to update you with three bits of good news!

(1) On May 15, I will be reading at the Gordon Square Review Issue 2 Launch Party. My poem “Last Note Slipped Under the Mattress” will be in that issue.

(2) I have two poems coming out from sidereal magazine around the same time, “The Pyre” and “Inevitable Blue.”

(3) Ghost City Press is releasing my micro-chapbook, SPACE SPECTACULAR, as part of their 2018 Summer Micro-Chapbook Series. I am so overjoyed to have these poems in the world and I cannot wait to share the link with you so you can snag a copy!


National Poetry Month

I have undertaken the #napomo challenge of writing a poem a day for the whole month of April. I will be updating this post with my prompts/inspirations for each day. Follow along if you like!

April – National Poetry Month – Poem-A-Day Challenge

1 – Serqet, Egyptian goddess of Scorpions & crater on Ganymede

2 – “Agatha” by Dorothea Lasky & two children running around my apartment’s pool

3 – Stumbled upon a list of American English Proverbs & wrote on a few

4 – “Aries” Mug by Jack Dadd for Dunoon and Astrology

5 – Jupiter’s South Pole

6 – Greta Wrolstad’s poem “This One Is About Pain” tweeted by sam sax & a memory of being catcalled on my way to return library books

7 – The Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle & “Rappaccini’s Daughter” by Hawthorne

8 – Kurzgesagt’s Time: The History & Future of Everything

9 – Am I living up to my name? (Names, Birth, & Scars)

10 – Corona, Rust, Virus, Tulip, Flare, & Yellow

11 – Wendy Xu’s Tweet & Random Word Generator

12 – #NationalGrilledCheeseDay & This Idea

13 – Adrian Matejka’s Map to the Stars & Major Lazer’s Cold Water

14 – Random Classic Art Gallery & Death and the Maiden by Egon Schiele, 1915

15 – Star remnant from an old American flag & the current president

16 – Sherlock & the Grimm fairytale, Snow White

17 – Kelli Russell Agodon’s 30 Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month (Prompt #1) & Tumor by Anna Leahy

18 – Zen Rituals & the nature of smoke

19 – Ars Poetica // Writer’s Block (took 19 days for it to hit!)

20 – Seeing old friends after a long time

21 – I missed this day 😦

22 – Two-fer to make up for 21: Earth Day & travelling far from home

23 – Salamander in folklore and legend & the two definitions of Nebula

24 – Rosetta Probe GIF

25 – New Notebook from Target & “Dark Horoscope” by Libby Burton

26 – 👽 Alien Day 426

27 – How sunburn sneaks up on you

28 – Thalassophobia

29 – Centos using other poems’ titles

30 – The Last Day! Writing a “thank you, poetry” poem