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National Poetry Month 2020

We need poems and poets now more than ever. If ever a group of humans existed who could see the world through a broken lens, a skewed lens, a rosy lens, it is poets. I am so glad I can speak about the world and read what truths other poets have gifted us.

Thank you, poetry. Thank you, poets. Thank you, world.

I am featured in Cuyahoga County Public Library’s Read+Write 30 days of poetry (on April 10). Please follow the link below to find the poems and maybe even sign up to receive them in your inbox.

published work

Barnhouse Journal

Please support this amazing journal out of Cleveland, Ohio!

Barnhouse Journal’s debut issue dropped in February on their website here!

I have a prose poem, “The Beast with No Face,” in this issue. You can access it online or purchase a hard copy.

published work

Long Poem Debut

Happy meteorological fall season!

I have a few submissions out, including the long book, so cross your fingers for STAR FACTORY.  But in the mean time, the wonderful editors over at Noble/Gas Qtrly have just released Issue 205.3 which is full of amazing work and a long poem by yours truly. Go read and enjoy my longest poem ever published, titled “Color Theory.”

Screenshot of first lines of "Color Theory" by Amanda Stovicek on Noble/Gas Qrtly website.